Monday, 20 September 2010

So far so good...

It's the second week of the e-learning period and I'm glad to say that my group has made substantial progress in our group assignment.

Here's what we did so far.

After forming our groups and getting to know who's who, we went back to do our own online search on the different initiatives that have been implemented with regards to the curriculum, particularly pertaining to Maths. After getting a clearer picture of what's out there, we planned on a face-to-face group discussion last week.

During our meeting, we discussed about the several initiatives that we have read up on. We made a list of all the initiatives that had been implemented and put a timeline to it. With that in hand, it really enabled us to see a clearer picture.

Due to time constraints, we could only manage a short discussion. But, we did decide to meet online via MSN to continue our group discussion. During our MSN conversation, my group then proceeded to delegating the work. Each of us took 2-3 initiatives to focus on. Our task was to read up as much as possible on a particular initiative and then, write a summary/overview based on several guiding questions.

The guiding questions were:

  1. When was the initiative implemented?
  2. What is the initiative about?
  3. Purpose of the initiative
  4. Impact on teaching & learning (Maths)

I found that the guiding questions really helped me sieve out the important pieces of information. So the learning has been really meaningful thus far.

Right after I've posted this entry, I am going to email my group members my summary. That's how we decided to share the pieces of information we have read up on.

On that note, I think my group members and I have to thank technology a great lot. :)

If not for the ease of technology, researching and reading up on the initiatives would have been difficult. If not for technology, we would not have found an easier and more convenient way of having a group discussion.

So thank you technology!

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