Sunday, 3 October 2010

Final Round - Episode 1

This is the final week before we have to submit our group assignment.


Anyway, here's what has happened since my last entry. Reading through the first round of readings with all the information was tough. I not only had to read and understand what all the initiatives were about, I also had to make sure that I was able to explain it to my group members and present it in a way that would make it easy for them to understand.

Our group emailed each other our summaries of the initiatives we were assigned to. While Bobo, Yueh Yueh, Lydia and I stuck to safe Microsoft Word, Joe impressed us with his colourful mind-map. :D That was another round of reading but thank goodness, the summaries we much easier to understand and digest.

From there, we planned to meet on a Saturday to finally put together our electronic package, at least the skeleton. However, things don't always go as you planned. I was down with fever, flu & cough... the works. So only Bobo and Yueh Yuan met up as planned. Thanks to those two, the group finally had a skeleton of our electronic package. Or so we thought....

We met again on Friday, 1st October, much thanks to the Children's Day school holiday. I think I literally used up all of my brain juices on that day itself. With the skeleton of the electronic package suggested by Bobo & Yueh Yuen, we sat down to look at the feasibility of it.

We talked and talked. We pondered and debated. We laughed and joked. We sighed and groaned in frustration.

We came up with Version 2 of the sekelton for our electronic package!

Through all the discussion sessions I've had with the group members, I've always realised how we never fail to discover a new perspective/idea. It's like the more we discussed and talked about it, the more we seem to uncover.

It may seem like my group had long hours of discussion even this close to the submission of the assignment. But, I think that's something good. Whenever one of use were not convinced or in doubt of something, we asked questions, debated and discussed. At the end of the day, though we literally used up our brain cells, it was still a meaningful and fruitful discussion.

For now, the electronic package is on its way to being complete. What's left is another round of vetting and then, off to submission it goes. Hope everything goes well.

Final Round - Episode 2 coming up!


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