Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Initiatives in Teaching & Learning 1

It was the first lesson after such a long break. Not that we had much of a long break since the coursemates & I were busy putting together our first group assignment for submission. Thank god, that's finally done. :)

For today's lesson, Dr Yeap took us through different activities that we can use with pupils. But what is distinct about all the activities was how non-threatening and enjoyable it was. Even I had fun playing those activities with the group members. The non-threatening is essential especially for pupils who may not be as quick as their peers. The fact that the concept of multiplication or addition is integrated and designed into a fun activity takes off the pressure from the pupils. After all, it is just a game or an activity for them to enjoy.

Allowing pupils to enjoy that sense of achievement and pleasure from doing an activity will eventually help in encouraging the pupils to want to learn more. Hence, pupils are not put off by the idea of learning a concept simply because they do not enjoy it and were not able to learn and understand it properly.

In the end, it all boils down to how each pupil learn differently. As such, the initiatives (TLLM, PETALS) that have been implemented in the education system have gone a long way to help change the tone and settings of how a classroom lesson is conducted.

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